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Breakfast @ on the Road

Breakfast @ Toad on the Road will be back in summer…



fried, scrambled or poached egg served with toast, bacon & chipolatas  R35


GUILT FREE BREAKFAST layers of fresh fruit, crunchy muesli & Bulgarian yogurt presented in a tall

glass served with a touch of honey R50


EGGS BENEDICT 2 poached eggs on toasted ciabatta topped with home-made hollandaise

sauce served with bacon or smoked salmon  R55 / R60


TOAD EN COCOTTE our version of “oeuf en cocotte”- egg, fresh cream & cheddar

baked to perfection served with bacon & toasted ciabatta, delicious!  R55


THE ‘BOYES’ BREAKFAST for the hungry – 2 fried eggs, bacon, pork sausage &

rocket all served  on toasted ciabatta and topped with a mildly spicy Asian sauce  R60


SCRAMBLED EGG & SALMON smoked salmon topped with fluffy

scrambled egg on toasted ciabatta  R60


*Serving from 9am

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